#4 Event – High Roller

Wednesday 20 July – 18:00



Tournament Info


Total entries TBA
Total Prize Pool TBA





Starting Stack 250,000
Levels 60mins
3 Day

Wed 20th – 18h00

Thur 21st 14h00

Fri 22st 14h00




#4 High Roller

The man of the series, and Main Event Champion – Moon Khan.

The man of the series, making Splendido Poker history with 2 wins this series, ladies and gentlemen, give it up to Moon Khan!

Taking 1st place in the Splendido Poker Series Main Event, for an impressive R600,000!

This is on the back of his win in Event #2 The Classic.

Congratulations to Gareth for his 2nd place finish, collecting a well deserved R200,000.

#4 High Roller

We have a new Splendido High Roller Champion!!

Congratulations to JP Okes on a great performance against SA’s best, earning him this prestigious title, and a healthy R400,000 1st prize!
In 2nd we have Moon Khan, winning R227,000. So close to a 2nd win in this Splendido Poker Series 4!
In 3rd we have Theo Hunter, winning R140,000. An impressive short stack performance through a tough day’s play.
In 4th Rudolf Fourie (Golf 9) earning himself R85,600.
Next up the Splendido Main Event Semi Freeze. R1,000,000 1st prize guaranteed.
#4 High Roller

The bubble has burst with a sick hand.

Joe Stegers opens UTG, Golf 9 goes all in from BB, Joe calls with A♠Q, Up against Golf’s A♣K♠.
Joe finds one of his 3 outs on a Q♣ 3♥ 5♦ flop.
Turn: J♥
River: 10♣ to give Golf 9 a straight, eliminating Joe on the bubble.
Well played Joe. Good luck for the rest of the series.
Chip counts to follow shortly.
#4 High Roller

Theo Doubles up leaving Joe Stegers short

25K/50K + 50K. Joe opens HJ to 100k, with 825K behind, Theo 3 bet shoves for 625K in CO. Folds to Joe who after much deliberation calls with A 10. Theo shows K Q.

7 5 8 9….. K on the river, leaving Joe with 210K. The next hand Joe doubles up!!

#4 High Roller

Splendido High Roller Chip Counts

Some great short stack poker. Still 6 players, jostling for top spot. Moon Khan leading the pack. The rest of the field is very close. It could go any way. Who’s your pick?

#4 High Roller

Golf 9 cracks Theo’s AA.

Golf 9 ships from CO, and is called by Theo in BB, who turns over the bullets. Rudolf has K 9

K 10 9 8 9. Theo is left with 190K but takes down some blinds to build up his short stack.

Unlucky Theo.

#4 High Roller

Golf 9 doubles up.

Moon limps 40K the D, Golf 9 goes all in for an additional 75K, moon calls with 5 7. Golf 9 has K J. Moon pairs a 5 on the flop. Golf 9 pairs a J on the turn to double up to 250k.

#4 High Roller

JP doubles up a 2nd time!

Blinds 20K/40K. JP ships utg for 545K with AQ off, Golf 9 calls on the D with the fish hooks JJ. Flop comes Q high, and the rest is history. Rudolf crippled with 150K left.

#4 High Roller

JP doubles up in the High Roller.

Joe Stegers opens to 60K utg, JP 3 bet shoves for an additional 375k on D. Joe calls showing A K, Jp has A 10. Board runs out 10 5 Q Q 2. JP hits his 3 outer, to double up.

#4 High Roller

Chip Counts.

Splendido High Roller. End of Day 2 chip counts. Day 3 will resume at 14h00. Well done to those still in the field!

#4 High Roller

Max Deveson out the High Roller in 7th.

JP Okes flats from SB, Max Deveson’s checks BB.

J♠️8♦️10♦️. Check, check.

8♦️ Check, check

6♠️ JP, Checks, Max bets 200k, leaving 20k behind, JP calls.

Max opens J3, JP has KK.

The next hand Max is illiminated in 7th place.

#4 High Roller

Joe Stegers doubles up through JP.

10k/25k+25K. Joe opens CO to 50k. JP calls SB. Moon calls from BB.

J♣ 10♠ 4♠. JP checks, Moon checks, Joe bets 75K, JP calls, Moon folds.

A♥ . JP checks, Joe bets 225k, JP puts Joe all in for an additional 750K, Joe calls leaving JP with 410k. JP shows A♠ J♥, against Joe’s 10♥ 10♦. River blanks, and Joe doubles up.

#4 High Roller


Max Doubles Up😎

High Roller




Joe Stegers UTG raises to 40k Max Deveson in the CO re-raises to 170k


Joe puts Max All In for another 20k, Max calls


Joe opens pocket JACKS

Max with A♣️Q♣️




Max takes the lead







Max doubles up with a pair of Aces

#4 High Roller

We’ve reached the final table!

Jared out in 12th, Hennie out in 11th. KM out in 10th

Blinds 6K/12K + 12K. Hennie goes all in UTG for 158K. Moon calls from the SB, JP Okes goes all in from the BB for an additional 270K. Moon Khan calls with 8♣ 8♦. Hennie has J♠ 9♠, and JP A♠ Q♠.

4♥ Q♣ 9♣

2♣. Moon picks up a flush draw.

River 5♦. JP dodges some bullets.

Hennie is out in 11th. Shortly after KM is illuminated in 10th, and we’re down to the final table!

#4 High Roller

Maneesh Singh out in 13th place.

5K/10K + 10K. Maneesh limps utg+1,Theo Hunter raises to 35k from HJ, Maneesh goes all in for an additional 165K, Theo calls with A♥ K♥. Maneesh shows Q♥ Q♦.

5♥ J♠ 9♥ 10♠ 4♥ sends Maneesh to the rail.

Well played Maneesh, good luck for the rest of the series.

#4 High Roller

Moon Khan takes chip lead in a cooler!

Moon Khan doubles up for the chip lead.

Blinds 4K/8K + 8K. Maneesh opens UTG to 18K, Moon 3 bets on the D to 51K. Maneesh calls.

K♦ 10♦ 8♥. Maneesh checks, Moon bets 58K, Maneesh makes it 150K, Moon re-raises to 365K, Maneesh puts him all in.. Moon calls with K♠ K♣ against Maneesh’s 10♥ 10♠.

Moon holds up and takes the chip lead with 1,100,000 chips!

#4 High Roller

High Roller Prizes

14 Players left, playing it out for the pride earned as a High Roller Champion, and their share of the R852 000 Prize pool. Blinds are 4K/8K + 8K. Average stack 500,000.

#4 High Roller

Steven Radloff out of the Splendido High Roller in 16th.

Steve ships 121k into a 90k pot, on a 3 6 6 board, and is called by Maneesh Singh.

Steve shows K 10. Maneesh has his dominated with A 7, and rivers a 7 to seal the deal.

15 remain, blinds 3k/6k + 6k. Average stack 466,666. Golf 9 still chip leader.

#4 High Roller

Golf 9 playing power poker!

Blinds 3K/6K + 6K. Golf 9 opens from MP to 11K. It folds to Steven Radloff in BB who defends.

Q 2 10d. Steven check calls a 13K c-bet from Golf 9.

7. Steven checks, Golf 9 fires the 2nd barrel this time 50K. Steven calls, leaving 190K behind.

8. Checks to Golf 9 who fires the 3rd barrel, this time 100K. Steven tanks, eventually folding.

To add insult to injury, Golf shows him the bluff, with a missed straight draw K J♣.

#4 High Roller

Gold 9 leading in the Splendido High Roller

Day 2 of the Splendido High Roller is going strong. A total of 23 entries, with 5 re-entries chipping in to the total prize pool of R852,600! 18 players left, but there can only be 1 champion!

We’re on level 8, with blinds at 2500/5000 + 5000. Average stack is currently 388,888.

Rudolf Fourie is currently leading the pack, with over 850,000 chips!

#4 High Roller

Chip Counts

Chip Counts in the Splendido High Roller at the end of Day 1. Day 2 starts at 14h00 with late reg ending at 15h00.

#4 High Roller

One hour left of day 1

One hour left of day 1 of the Splendido High Roller. 19 /23 left in the field, with Giovanni Zanette, Greg Tucker, Nic Iannoy, and Sean Suckerman being illuminated this far. Tomorrow play resumes at 14h00 with late reg and re-entries available until 15h00.

#4 High Roller

22 Entries and counting!

The field is growing in the Splendido High Roller. 22 Entries, 21 left. Late Reg until 15h00 tomorrow. R35,000 gets you 250,000 chips. 1 hour levels. Do you have what it takes to beat the best, and earn the title of Splendido High Roller Champion?

#4 High Roller

The Splendido High Roller is rolling.

♠ ♦ ♣ ♥ 18 players in the field thus far, including some of South Africa’s finest including Hennie Appel, Rudolf Fourie, Greg Tucker, Giovanni Zanette, and Nahim Lum. ♠ ♦ ♣ ♥


Total Prize Pool#NameSurnameAmount

Chip Counts

NameChipcountDate & Time of Update
1Moon Khan1,437,00020h00 21/07/2022
2Golf 91,173,00020h00 21/07/2022
3Joseph Stegers686,00020h00 21/07/2022
4Theodore Hunter610,00020h00 21/07/2022
5Strinivasen Govender609,00020h00 21/07/2022
6JP Okes542,00020h00 21/07/2022
7Nahum Lum461,00020h00 21/07/2022
8K.M457,00020h00 21/07/2022
9Max Deveson301,00020h00 21/07/2022
10Jarred Solomon276,00020h00 21/07/2022
11M.R268,00020h00 21/07/2022
12Hendrik Appel171,00020h00 21/07/2022

Problem Gambling Toll-Free Help Line 0800 006 008. Players must be 18 years or older. Winners know when to stop.

Problem Gambling Toll-Free Help Line 0800 006 008. Players must be 18 years or older. Winners know when to stop.

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