#4 Event – Semi-Freeze

Monday 28 – 18:00



Tournament Info


Total entries TBA
Total Prize Pool TBA


Life Line



Starting Stack 50,000
Levels 30mins
3 Day

Mon 28th – 18h00

Tues 29th – 12h30

Wed 30th – 14h00



Series 3 - Event 4

Juan Oosthuizen is out in 3rd Place

Semi-Freeze Tournament #4
Level 4

Blinds- 25,000/50,000
Ante- 50,000

Nico raises to 200,000
With 15,000 left of Juan’s stack he blind calls

Nico: A♠ 10♠
Juan: K♥ 3♠

Runout: 6♠ Q♠ 8♦ Q♥ 8♣

Juan is eliminated in 3rd place🥳
We are heads up for the Semi-Freeze Trophy!

Series 3 - Event 4

David Finds A Double Up of Juan

Semi-Freeze Tournament #4
Level 24

Blinds- 20,000/40,000

Juan limps on the Button
David checks in the BB

Flop: 8♣ 3♥ 4♥

David bets 80,000
Juan calls


Both check

River: 5♠

David bets 200,000
Juan raises to 450,000
David calls

David: Q♣ 8♠
Juan: K♦ 10♦

Big pot for David!

Series 3 - Event 4

Neville Gets busted out in 6th Place

Semi-Freeze Tournament #4
Level 23

Blinds- 15,000/30,000
Ante- 30,000

Werner on the Button limps
Neville checks in the BB

Flop: A♠ 4♣ 5♦

Both players check


Both check


Neville shoves all in for 100,000
Werner snaps

Werner: 5♥ 8♥
Neville Mucks

Neville is knocked out in 6th

Series 3 - Event 4

Sick Hand takes Reon out in 8th place

Semi-Freeze Tournament #4
Level 22

Blinds- 10,000/25,000
Ante- 25,000

Reon Shoves all in UTG for 180,000
Juan calls

Reon:8♠ 8♠

Runout: 4♥ 8♥ 10♦ 9♣ 7♥

Runner Runner straight knocks Reon out in 8th place

Series 3 - Event 4

Final Table!!!

Congratulations to the players who made the final table🥳😎

8 people left
Who will be out Semi-Freeze Tournament Campion?

Werner Smit
Juan Oosthuizen
Maxine Catano
Dave Yahav
Hennie Appel
Reon Van Niekerek
Nico Wiechers
Neville Govender

Well Done!

Series 3 - Event 4

Paul is Out 13th

Event #4 Semi-Freeze
Level 20
Blinds- 10,000-15,000
Ante- 15,000

Paul on the Button raises 35,000
Juan calls

Flop: 3♥ 4♦ 6♥

Paul checks
Juan checks


Paul checks
Juan bets 40,000
Paul shoves 165,000
Juan calls

Juan: K♣ K♥
Paul:9♠ 8♠

River: A♣

Paul out 13th

Series 3 - Event 4

Quintin eliminated in 14th!

Event #4 Semi-Freeze



15k Ante


Small stack Quintin Frauenstein shoves all in for 35,000

Paul Jules with an average stack on the button snap calls


Nersan Naidoo in the BB calls the extra 20k





Paul bets 25k

Nersan folds


Paul opens 7♦️7♥️

Quintin with A♠️4♠️


Turn 8♣️

River 4♦️


Paul takes the pot with a set of 7s and Quintin is eliminated


14 players left

Series 3 - Event 4

Werner takes out Martin

Level 17

Blinds – 4,000/8,000
Ante -8,000

Werner UTG+ raises to 26,0000
Martin who is in the CO calls

Flop: J♦ 10♠ 4♣

Werner bets again to 65,000
Martin raises all in to 125,000
Werner calls

Werner shows A♦ J♣
Martin shows 10♥ 7♥

Off to the runout with Martin at risk…



Werner knocks Martin out and adds a nice pot to his big stack!

Series 3 - Event 4

Donny Takes out Moon on the River

Level 16

Blinds- 3,000/6,000
Ante- 6,000

Moon on the Button shoves all in for 38,000
Action is folded to the BB Donny Mitev who calls

Moon shows A♦ 5♦
Donny shows Q♦10♠

To a runout with Moon ahead…

Runout: 2♠ 2♣ K♥ 5♣ Q♠

Queen on the river eliminates Moon in 26th Place
Donny picks up some chips

Series 3 - Event 4

Mark gets eliminated by Juan, after eliminating another player

Level 14

Blinds- 2,500/5,000

Juan limps on the Button
Mark in the BB raises to 25,000
Juan calls

Flop: Q♥ 7♦ J♦

Juan leads out to 100,000
Mark shoves all in for 250,000 total.
Juan makes the call

Mark is at risk as he shows K♥ K♦
As Juan had J♠ 7♠

Can Juan’s 2 pair hold up?…


Turn: 6♠


Mark Botha is eliminated after taking out another player
Juan is proving to be our “Dark Horse” of the Tournament

Series 3 - Event 4

Mark Botha Eliminates Alvin Pillay

Level 15

Blinds- 2,500/5,000
Ante- 5,000

Mark Botha in the HJ raises to 14,000
Alvin thinks before shipping his stack in for 76,000 on top of the 14,000
Mark(HJ) calls

Mark has A♠ K♥
Alvin shows A♦ 10♦

To a runout for Alvin’s Tournament life…

Runout: K♠ 2♠ 3♣ 8♦ Q♦

Mark eliminates Alvin

Series 3 - Event 4

John is knocked out by David who is Running Hot

Level 15


David in the CO raises to 20,000
John in the SB calls
BB folds

Flop: A♥ 3♥ K♠

David(CO) checks
John(SB) bets out to 75,000
David takes his time after raising to 200,000
John goes all in
David puts his hips in quickly!

John turns over A♦ Q♦
David turns over the K♦ K♣ for flopped set
John needs some help…

Turn: 7 ♣

No help for John

River: 7♥

David Knocks out another player and is running hot!

Series 3 - Event 4

David our chip leader takes out Edgar

Level 14

Blinds- 2,000/4,000
Ante- 4,000

David Yahav UTG raises to 14,000
Edgar calls in the BB

Flop: K♠ A♣ 8♥

David(UTG) bets 35,000
Edgar goes all in for 135,000
David snap calls

David has A♦ 5♦
Edgar has J♣ 9♠

To a runout…

Turn: 9♥


Edgar gets caught bluffing and is knocked out by David who Continues to be chip leade

Series 3 - Event 4

Juan Oosthuizen takes out a player

Level 14

Blinds- 2,000/4,000

Juan Oosthuizen UTG+1 raises to 8,000
Anonymous in the SB re raises to 18,000
Juan(UTG) calls

Flop:2♠ J♥ 3♦

Juan(UTG+1) bets 20,000
Anonymous goes all in for 55,000
Juan calls

Juan opens K♣ J♣
Anonymous opens A♥ K♠

To a runout…

Turn: 4 ♠


Juan knocks a player out and take a big pot
This is building his stack up.

Series 3 - Event 4

Chris Lyut knocks out a Player!

Level 11


Anonymous UTG+1 raises to 8,000
Chris in the BB calls

Flop: 3h Jd 9h

Anonymous(UTG+1) bets out 15,000
Chris(BB) calls

Turn: 8d

Anonymous(UTG+1) bets 25,000
Chris(BB) Raises All in covering Anonymous
Anonymous Calls!

Chris has 9d 8h
Chris has Jh Kd
Can Chris hold…

River: 10s

Chris holds and knocks out a player, winning him a big pot.

Series 3 - Event 4

Past Winners and Cashes in the Splendido are playing the the Semi-Freeze

We have players who have cashed in the previous Splendido Poker series like:
Rodger who has cashed in both the Mystery Bounty Tournament and the Freeze Out Tournament
Will this be his 3rd cash in a row?🙌🙌
We have Vygandas Sumintis who has also cashed in a previous Tournament
We have Cliff Safi who also cashed in the Freeze Out Tournament
Donny Mitev is also competing after cashing in the Mystery Bounty earlier today
Uri Hartav who also cashed in a previous tournament

We have Nahum Lum who was our Freeze Out Champion! 🥳🥳🥳

We looking forward to seeing how these players do and if they can add another cash or win to their list…

As well as plenty Satellite Winners are competing in this Semi-Freeze Tournament

A lot of Competition and Lots of Poker still to be Played…

Series 3 - Event 4

Double up for Quinton in the Semi-Freeze

Level 8

Blinds- 500/1000
Ante- 1,000

Quinton UTG raises to 4,600
Fernando UTG+1 Shoves all in for 17,000 effective
Quinton tanks for a while and doesn’t feel great but says “he has to call”

Cards on their backs
Quinton has Qd Qs
Fernando has Ac Ks

To a run out for Quinton’s Tournament life…

Runout: 7s Jc 8d 2h 5h

Quinton doubles up!

Series 3 - Event 4

Semi-Freeze Out Tournament, don’t miss out!!

We reach our first break in the Semi-freeze Tournament

9 tables are full!
So come get your seat now.

Buy in R5, 000/50,000
Lifeline R5, 000/50,000

You can use your lifeline at any point in the game to get more chips, add to your stack or to use it as a rebuy.
Late registration is at 11:30pm

Series 3 - Event 4

Semi-Freeze Late reg 23h30

A tournament you most certainly have to attend – Event #4 the Semi-Freeze tournament😎


We are filling up fast with over 6 players seated so far.

Definitely the most popular tournament at the Splendido Poker Series so far – don’t miss out late reg at 23h30😎

Series 3 - Event 4

Semi Freeze out Tournament, don’t miss out!

Join us at 18h00 for one of the most highly anticipated tournaments of the series, the extremely popular Semi-Freeze😎

Buy-in R5,000/50k
Lifeline R5,000/50k

A classic tournament that every Poker player wants to play😎

The Splendido Poker Series Semi-Freeze will have players from all over joining to compete.
Get your Poker faces on and get ready to play some poker!
See you all there!


Total Prize Pool#NameSurnameAmount
R20,3008ReonVan NiekerkR20,300

Chip Counts


Problem Gambling Toll-Free Help Line 0800 006 008. Players must be 18 years or older. Winners know when to stop.

Problem Gambling Toll-Free Help Line 0800 006 008. Players must be 18 years or older. Winners know when to stop.

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