Main Event



Day 3

Play Resumes at 12H30

Main Event Champion – Des Godfrey – R900,000

Des Godfrey has been crowned the Main Event Champion. Adding to his 2nd place finish in the High Roller Des has cashed a staggering R1,600,000 for the series.


A Deal has Been Made

1st – Des Godfrey – R900,000

2nd – Navs Naicker  – R550,000

3rd – Kagiso Mabusela – R508,000

4th – Prashant Mergu – R508,000

Final 4 – Chip Counts

Seat 1 -Nikhil Datta -Eliminated

Seat 2 – Prashant Mergu – 1,270,000

Seat 3 – Navs Naiker – 1,580,000

Seat 4 – Karl Myburgh -Eliminated

Seat 5 – Richard Cheng – Eliminated

Seat 6 – Ciro Koncke – Eliminated

Seat 7 – Des Godfrey – 4,200,000

Seat 8 – Jarred Solomon – Eliminated

Seat 9 -Shadley Abrahams –  Eliminated

Seat 10 – Kagiso Mabusela – 1,320,000

Blinds – 25k/50k/5k

Average Stack – 2,092,500

5th Place – Jarred Solomon – R217,000

Blinds – 25k/50k/5k

Des Godfrey (co) opens to 105k, Jarred (btn) moves all in for 940k, Des calls.

Des 6c6s

Jarred AsKh

The flop was 6h3h4d giving Des top set, Jarred couldn’t catch up as the board ran 9s9h.


Back 2 Back Doubles for Solomon

Blinds – 20k/40k/5k

Des Godfrey (btn) raised the action to 100k, Jarred Solomon (sb) moves all in for 365k aand Des calls.

Des Qs3h

Solomon KhKd

The board ran out 3c4c6c 9d As and Solo is up to over 800k.

Double for Solomon

Blinds – 20k/40k/5k

Jarred Solomon (co) was all in for his last 145k, Navs (bb) was about to fold his hand when Solomon said “please call, it’s 145k” Navs obliges and tables 9s5c, Solomon shows Kh2c. We see a flop of KcTs6d, the turn is the 2d and Solomon locks up the double.

“Have you ever heard anyone ask for a call with King Deuce?” – Jarred Solomon

6th Place – Ciro Koncke – R170,000

Blinds – 20k/40k/5k

Folded to Ciro (sb) who moves all in for his last 660k, Des (bb) calls.

Ciro AsTd

Des AhJd

The JsQc4h flop was enough to seal Ciro’s fate and he is eliminated in 6th.

Solomon Does it Again

Blinds – 20k/40k/5k

Des (utg) opens to 85k, Solomon (+1) shoves for a total of 555k, Des makes the call.

Solomon AsJs

Des AhQh

The 4hKs8s for a swaet. The 4s turn seals it for Solomon who chips up to over 1million.

Final 6 – Chip Counts

Seat 1 -Nikhil Datta -Eliminated

Seat 2 – Prashant Mergu – 710,000

Seat 3 – Navs Naiker – 700,000

Seat 4 – Karl Myburgh -Eliminated

Seat 5 – Richard Cheng – Eliminated

Seat 6 – Ciro Koncke – 1,365,000

Seat 7 – Des Godfrey – 2,050,000

Seat 8 – Jarred Solomon – 520,000

Seat 9 -Shadley Abrahams –  Eliminated

Seat 10 – Kagiso Mabusela – 2,945,000

Blinds – 20k/40k/5k

Average Stack – 1,395,000

Jarred Solomon finds a Double

Blinds – 15k/30k/5k

Folded to Solomon (co) who moves all in for his last 241k. Kagiso (btn) calls.

Solomon Ah3d

Kagiso AdJh

The flop was Qc2sAc, the 3h turn sees Solo take the lead and the Tc river gives Solo a much needed double up.


7th Place – Nikhil Datta – R144,000

Blinds – 15k/30k/5k

Folded to Kagiso (sb) who limps into the pot, Nikhil (bb) moves all in and Kagiso quickly calls.

Kagiso AhAd

Nikhil 9s9d

The flop of AcQd6c was enough to seal Datta’s fate.

8th Place – Karl Myburgh – R118,000

Blinds – 15k/30k/5k

Karl (mp) opened to 75k and was called by Des (sb). We see a flop of 7sJsQd, checked to Karl who moves all in for 340k, Des calls.

Karl KdQs

Des AsJc

The turn was the Ad so see des take the lead and the 2h river was enough to send Karl packing.


Solo 3bets – Datta Doubles

Blinds – 15k/30k/5k

Karl Myburgh (+1) raises the action to 65k, Jarred Solomon (co) puts in a 3bet to 200k. Datta (sb) moves all in for 313k and Jarred makes a crying call.

Solomon As6d

Datta AdKh

The board runs out Qc8sTh5cAh. Datta doubles and Solomon takes a  hit to his stack.

Ciro Doubles

Blinds – 12k/24k/4k

On a board of 5d7cTsAd7s, Ciro was all in for 325k and received a call from Navs. Ciro turns As9d and its good enough to scoop the pot. Ciro chips up to more than 1,500,000 chips.

Mabusela takes from Mergu

Blinds – 12k/24k/4k

On a board of KsQd7s9d, Prashant Mergu (sb) bet 225k, Kagiso Mabusela makes the call. River Kc, check, check. Kagiso tables QhJc and picks up the pot.


Myburgh 3bets

Blinds – 12k/24k/4k

Navs (btn) raises it to 59k, Karl Myburgh (sb) raises it to 159k, Navs folds. Karl shows 6s6h and Navs shows AsQc

Godfrey Check-Raises

Blinds – 12k/24k/4k

Des (+1) riases the action to 50k, Prashant Mergu (btn) 3bets to 170k and Des makes the call.

Flop 2d3c9h. Des checks, to Prasant who bets 200k, Des then raises it to 425k , Prasant gives it up.

9th Place – Shadley Abrahams – R100,000

Blinds – 12k/24k/4k

The money was all-in pre flop.

Shadley KsQd

Datta AsQc

The flop was Qs6h3c, Shadly couldn’t catch up and is eliminated in 9th.

9 Handed Chip Counts

Seat 1 -Nikhil Datta -288,000

Seat 2 – Prashant Mergu – 1,371,000

Seat 3 – Navs Naiker – 1,522,000

Seat 4 – Karl Myburgh -1,138,000

Seat 5 – Richard Cheng – Eliminated

Seat 6 – Ciro Koncke – 754,000

Seat 7 – Des Godfrey – 1,079,000

Seat 8 – Jarred Solomon – 470,000

Seat 9 -Shadley Abrahams –  123,000

Seat 10 – Kagiso Mabusela – 1,625,000

Blinds – 12k/24k/4k

Average Stack – 930,000

10th Place – Richard Cheng – R70,100

Blinds – 10k/20k/3k

Kagiso (mp) raised the action to 55k, Cheng (bb) makes the call. The flop is Qc7c5s, Richard check calls a bet of 85k. Turn 7h, Check, check. River 8s, Cheng moves all in for 325k and Kagiso snap calls and tables As7s and Richard shows KcJc for the missed draw. Richard is down to 2 blinds after the hand and gets eliminated the very next hand.


Navs Naicker Rising

Blinds – 10k/20k/3k

We catch the action on a board of 3d4hKs As Kd, with 675k in the pot Navs Naiker sb) made a river bet of 200k which was called by Nikhil Datta. Navs turns over 3h3sfor the boat and Datta mucks.

Myburgh gets There

Blinds 10k/20k/3k

On board of Qh2s3sAh, Karl Myburgh (mp) bets 75k, Ciro (hj) raises it to 200k and Karl calls. The river is the Qd and the action is checked. Karl tables QcJc and a frustrated Ciro shows the As.

Cheng Doubles

Blinds 8k/16k/2k

Des Godfrey (utg) opens to 35k, folded to Richard Cheng (sb) who moves all in for 236k, Des calls.

Cheng AsQc

Godfrey Ah9c

The 6cQhTsflop was enough to see Richard double his stack.

Final Table Chip Counts

Seat 1 -Nikhil Datta -719,000

Seat 2 – Prashant Mergu – 1,205,000

Seat 3 – Navs Naiker – 974,000

Seat 4 – Karl Myburgh -974,000

Seat 5 – Richard Cheng – 290,000

Seat 6 – Ciro Koncke – 1,199,000

Seat 7 – Des Godfrey – 1,806,000

Seat 8 – Jarred Solomon – 383,000

Seat 9 -Shadley Abrahams –  232,000

Seat 10 – Kagiso Mabusel – 588,000

Blinds – 8k/16k/2k

Average Stack – 837,000

Jason Hoffman eliminated in 11th – R70,100

We caught the action on a flop of Ah9h4s, Jason Hoffman was all-in holding As3s vs the Th8h of Navs Naicker. Jason faded the Tc turn but the river delivered the 6h and Jason is our final table bubble.


Defending Champ Shaun Naidoo eliminated

Blinds 8k/16k/2k

Sahun Naidoo was all-in with JsJh and at risk against Kagiso holding KcKs. The Jc4c3c to see Shun take the lead. Turn 9h, The river was the Qc to see Kagiso make a flush. Shaun exits after his stellar effort.

Players Remaining – 11


Double Bust Out – Diana Svensk and Fazel Dawood eliminated

Blinds 8k/16k/2k

Fazel (utg) moved all in for 130k, Diana Svensk (btn) went all in over the top for 190k. Ciro (bb) makes the call to put both players at risk.

Ciro AsKh

Diana ThTd

Fazel Js9s

the KsQc8d flop put Ciro in the lead. The turn and river we’re Jh2d and Ciro eliminates 2 players and wins a big pot.

Down to 14.


Chip Counts – Top 3

  1. Des Godfrey – 1,430,000
  2. Prashant Mergu – 1,240,000
  3. Karl Myburgh – 960,000

Average Stack  – 523,125

Blinds – 6k/12k/2k

A Flush for for Myburgh

Blinds – 6k/12k/2k

Kagiso (btn) raises the action to 30k, Kaarl Myburgh (bb) makes the call.

Flop Ah7d3h, check, check.

Turn 7h, checked to Kagiso who bets 35k, Karl raises it to 90k and Kagiso makes the call.

River Qc, Karl bets 100k, Kagiso folds. Karl tables Jh2h

Players Remaining – 16

Robbie Sham Eliminated – 19th – R38,000

Blinds – 6k/12k/2k

A short stacked Robbie Sham (sb) moved all-in, Ciro (bb) makes the call.

Sham QhQs

Ciro KdKh

Sham failed to find a Queen and we are down to 18.

Warrick Weigand Eliminated

Blinds – 5k/10k/1k

Warrick (co) opens to 25k, Navs (sb) asked for a count before betting enough to put Warrick all in. Warrick calls his last 169k and cards are turned over.

Warrick QcQh

Navs AcQs

The flop was ThJh2h putting Warrick in great shape. The turn was the devistation Kc to see Navs make Broadway. No help on the 5c river and Warrick hits the rail after a great showing in this main event.


Richard Cheng finds a Double

Blinds – 5k/10k/1k

Richard Cheng 9co) raised the action to 30k, Navs Naicker (bb) bets enough to put Richard all-in and Richard makes the call.

Cheng KdQc

Naicker KhJs

The board was Kc9c5c  2hTh and Richard revives a much needed double.

Shaun Naidoo putting on the Pressure

Blinds – 5k/10k/1k

Defending Main Event Champion Shaun Naidoo (co) raised the action to 25k, Kagiso Mabusela (bb) makes the call. The Qs9c3s is checked around. The turn brings the 7c and Kagiso makes it 23k to go, Shaun makes a speech then says “let’s see how you react to some pressure” before raising it to 73k. Kagiso folds and Shaun tables KhJs.

Doucha with the 3bet

Blinds – 5k/10k/1k

Ciro Koncke (sb) opens the action to 20k, Dean Doucha (bb) thinks for a while before putting in a 3bet to 58k. Ciro folds.

Michael Clacher Eliminated in 24th

Blinds – 5k/10k/1k

+1 limped into the pot, Clacher (bb) checks his option and we see a flop of 3s6s5d, Clacher moves all in and is called by +1.

Clacher 6c2c

+1 As7s

Turn Kh

River Ts

+1 finds the flush and we’re down to 23.


Redraw Popposoft 3.1 Automatico - Copia 09-26-56

Day 2

Dinner Break

Players are now on a 60 minute dinner break.

Chip Counts  – Top 5

  1. Navs Naiker -523,000
  2. Shaun Naidoo – 374,000
  3. Karl Myburgh – 326,000
  4. Didier Muberuka- 318,000
  5. Robbie Sham – 302,000

Average Stack: 144,310

Blinds – 1,5k/3k/500

Mehdi 3bets

Blinds – 1,5k/3k/500

Robbie Sham (co) raised the action to 6k and was called by rhe CO. Mehdi Majumdar (btn) put in a raise to 22,5k and takes down the hand.


The Dream is over for Randloff

Blinds – 1.2k/2.4k/400

+2 opened to 6k , BTN calls and Steve Randloff (bb) moves all-in for 40k. +2 makes the call and the BTN tanks and says “If I win this then I can make it” then makes the call.

+2: KcQd

BTN: Ah6d

Randloff: AsJd

The KsQh5d flop sealed it for the player in +2. Steve hits the rail.


Doucha doubles through Kalil

Blinds – 1.2k/2.4k/400

Gareth Kalil (co) raised to 6k, Dean Doucha (bb raised all -in for an additional 36k and Kalil made the call.

Kalil 3s3c

Doucha 7s7h

The board brought no help for Kalil and Dean receives a crucial double up.


Shaun Naidoo Doubles

Blinds – 1.2k/2.4k/400

Shaun (mp) opened the action to 5100, Gareth Kalil (bb) bets enough to put Shaun all in and he snap calls.

Gareth AdKs

Shaun KcKh

The board ran out 9c5c8c  Js  6d.

Shaun is the defending Main Event Champion and is hoping to make history by winning back to back Main Events.


Clacher picks off Brodies Bluff

Blinds – 1k/2k/300

Action folded to Mike Clacher (sb). Brodie (bb) – “how about a walk?” Clacher – “not today”. Clacher raises to 5k and Stuart Brodie calls. Clacher bet 5,1k on the AsQh3s flop, Brodie calls. The 7s turn is checked. The river card was the Qc, checked to Brodie who bet 12k, Clacher SNAP calls and tables 8s8c, Brodie mucks.


Stuart Brodie

Anna Khait Eliminated

Blinds – 1k/2k/300

A short stacked Anna Khait was all in for her last 2 big blinds with 9s5s, she was called by the blinds and couldn’t find a hand.


Chip Counts  – Top 5

  1. Navs Naiker -354,000
  2. Ian Starr – 251,000
  3. Ali G – 229,000
  4. Karl Myburgh – 188,000
  5. Michael Clacher – 169,000

Average Stack: 98,471

Taariq Jaftha Eliminated

Blinds – 800/1600/200

A short stacked Taariq (co) moved all in. Ricky Sandler (btn) raised all in for an effective 70,400, Mike Clatcher calls his remaining 70,400 and cards are turned on their backs.

Taariq KcTc

Sandler AdQh

Clatcher AhAs

The flop presents a sweat with 2c6c6c, the turn and river are 5d2h and Mike chips up to over 200k.TJ JAftha 2

Another one for Sandler

Blinds – 800/1600/200

Taariq Jaftha (hj) opens the action to 4500, Ricky Sandler (co) makes the call. The 9s2dQs flop was checked to the 4s turn. TJ bets 1600 and Ricky quickly makes it 5k, TJ calls. The Ah river was checked.

TJ: 8s8c

Sandler: KsQh

Ricky Sandler 3bet Shoves

Blinds – 800/1600/200

Folded to the HJ who opens the action to 6k, Ricky Sandler (btn) makes the call.

Flop: 9s5hKd, the HJ checks it to Ricky who bets 7.5k, the HJ then raises it to 20k before Ricky moves all in over the top for 43,100. The HJ went into the tank for an entire 5 minutes before eventually deciding to give it up.

Ricky Sandler - Oaklands

Prize Pool – R4,017,600

1st: R1,150,000

2nd: R645,000

3rd: R358,300

4th: R293,000

5th: R217,000

6th: R170,000

7th: R144,000

8th: R118,000

9th: R94,000

10th-12th: R70,100

13th-18th: R47,000

19th-21th: R38,000

22nd-24th: R36,000

25th-27th: R35,000

Entrants: 279

Players Remaining: 95

Average Stack: 88,105

Blinds – 800/1600/200

Maria Ho Exits the Main

We missed the action but Maria Ho has been eliminated from the main event.


Check raise from Clatcher

Blinds – 500/1000/100

Giovanni Zanette (utg) opened the action to 2200, reciving calls from the HJ, BTN and Mike Clatcher (bb). The flop peeled Qd9s3d, cheeked to the HJ who bets 3800, BTN calls. Mike counts out a raise and makes it 12.1k. Everyone folds and Mike picks up a decent sized pot.


One for Gary Zulberg

Blinds – 500/1000/100

Gray (utg) limped into the pot, Mike Clatcher (+2) raised the action to 2300 reviving calls from 4 players including Gary. On the flop of AdJc2h Gary bet 1500 and was able to pick up the pot. Gary turned over the 2s to scoop the pot.


Eugene Du Plessis out of the Main

Blinds – 500/1000/100

Rob Fenner (mp) raised the action to 2200, Eugene (sb) 3bet to 6k, back to Rob who makes it 12k to go. Eugene thinks before putting in a raise 19.5k and Rob makes the call.

Flop 9s3c8c, Eugene bets 14.6k, Rob calls.

Turn 8h, Eugene leads 19k and Rob Fenner moves all in and Eugene calls for the rest of hi 17,9k stack.

Eugene KsKh

Fenner Td8s

The river is the 4s and Eugene exits the Main after a brutal beat.


Cards in the air

Blinds – 300/600/75

Day 2 of the main event has just kicked off. So far we have a total of 237 entries with 134 players remaining. Re-entries are still open for another 2 levels. We will be playing 12 levels/ until we reach a final table. Good luck to everyone playing.

May the Flop be with you.

Day 1

Redraw Popposoft 3.1 Automatico - Copia 09-26-56 Redraw Popposoft 3.1 Automatico - Copia 09-26-56 Redraw Popposoft 3.1 Automatico - Copia 09-26-56

3 Hands Remaining

The last 3 hands for the night have been announced. Play resumes at 11H30 tomorrow.

A Rotation at Table 9

Blinds – 150/300/25

Hand 1: Folded to Taariq Jaftha (sb), he raises to 1.1k, Rex Hsu (bb) folds.

Hand 2: Jarred Solomon(mp) openedto 900, Ricky Sandler (hj) calls. Richard Chen (co) raises the action to 2500 and gets calls from Taariq, Jarred and Ricky. The AdQd2c was checked to TJ who bet 4k and took down the pot.

Hand 3: TJ (co) raises 1100, Rex (btn) 3 bets to 3500 and TJ calls. TJ checks the3sTd5h flop to Rex who bet out 4500, TJ raised it to 9500 and Rex called. The turn was the Kd, check, check. TJ bet 15k on the Qd river and Rex calls. TJ tables KsKh for the turned set, a frustrated Rex shows AsAd.

Hand 4: Folded to the Button who raised to 1100, Shaun Naidoo and the big blind call. The JcQs8h flop was checked to the big blind who bets 975 and wins the pot.

Hand 5: Ricky Sandler (+1) raises it to 1200, Shaun Naidoo (btn) raises the action to 3200. Jarred Solomon (bb) moves all in for 11,575 and gets it through.

Hand 6: Rex (mp1) raises to 700, MP2 calls and Ricky (bb) makes the call. The JcJsQd flop was checked around. The turn brought the 8c, Ricky bet 800 and both players fold.



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