Event 7 – High Roller

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Day 3 – Final Table

1st Place – Greg Tucker – R800,000

Poker Wizard Greg Tucker has been crowned the High Roller Champion!

Tucker came into this final table as chip leader and maintained his position through out the tournament.

Congratulations on an outstanding performance.

“When In Rome”


2nd Place – Des Godfrey – R700,000

Des and Tucker made a deal heads up. Tucker had Des 2:1 in chips. Greg is Crowned champion and Des walks away with R700,000 for his efforts.

3rd Place – Maria Ho – R300,000

Blinds – 40k/80k/10k

Des (btn) raised to 185k, Called by Tucker (sb). Maria Ho (bb) shipped all in, Des layed his hand down and Tucker makes the call to put Maria at risk.

Maria AdQd

Tucker 9c9s

The 6c9hKc flop was a dream for Tucker and the 6s turn sealed Ho’s fate.



4th Place -Rudolf Fourie – R220,000

Blinds – 40k/80k/10k

Rudolf (btn) moved all in for his last 20 big blinds and found a call from Des Godfrey (bb)

Rudolf AdQs

Des KdKh

The board ran out 9c9s7h 3s9d, we’re down to 3.

Tucker is on a Rampage

Blinds – 40k/80k/10k

Rudolf Fourie (btn) opened 180k, Des Godfrey (sb) put in a 3 bet to 500k, Tucker (bb) announces all in, Rudolf folds. Des goes into the tank for a considerable amount of time “I don’t think I can fold this hand”. Eventually he lets it go and Tucker scoops a big one.


Rudolf Runs Good

Blinds – 40k/80k/10k

All In Pre-Flop, Rudolf was at risk holding QdJs Against Tucker’s Ac7h. The window was the Qh and Tucker couldn’t catch up.

Rudolf – “You really think I could lose with this hand”

Tucker 4bets

Blinds – 40k/80k/10k

Maria Ho (utg) opens the action to 150k, Des (btn) 3bets to 400k, Tucker (bb) puts in a raise to 1,3million and wins the pot.

One for Ho

Blinds – 40k/80k/10k

Rudolf Fourie (btn) opens to 150k, Maria (sb) puts in a raise to 400k and wins the pot.

4 Handed Chip Counts

Seat 1 – Greg Tucker – 3,315,000

Seat 2 – Rudolf Fourie – 990,000

Seat 3 – Maria Ho – 1,485,000

Seat 4 – Des Godfrey – 2,840,000

Blinds – 40k/80k/10k

15 Minute Break

Players are on a short break. Chip counts to follow.

Maria Ho Doubles

Blinds – 30k/60k/5k

Maria Ho (btn) was all in for 675k and got snap called by Tucker (bb)

Maria Kc3c

Tucker AhTd

The Flop of Ad4c8c left Tucker in the lead but gave Maria a flush draw. The 6c on the turn was enough to seal the deal and Tucker takes a hit to his stakc.

Rudolf jokingly says “King Three is the nuts”

5th Place – Gareth Kalil – R167,000

Blinds – 30k/60k/5k

The Money was all in Pre-Flop, Rudolf (bb) called an all in from Kalil (sb).

Rudolf AcQc

Gareth Jc8s

The flop was 6s4hAd, Gareth couldnt find any help and exits in 5th.

6th Place – Karl Myburgh – R135,900

Blinds – 30k/60k/5k

All-In Pre-Flop, Karl was at risk holding AhKd against the QcQs of Des Godfrey. Karl couldnt find a pair and exits in 6th Place.

7th Place – Wayne Du Preez

Blinds – 25k/50k/5k

Wayne was all-in for his last chips with 9s6c against Maria Ho holding KsJh. Wayne found no help and is the Bubble in this High Roller.

Du Preez Crippled

Blinds – 25k/50k/5k

A short stacked Maria (sb) was all in, Wayne who had Maria covered by only 5k makes the call.

Ho Kh8h

Du Preez AsKd

The Board ran QhQcTh 8d9d to see Maria scoop the pot. Wayne was left with  ante chip and bust out the following hand.

Maria takes a Big Hit

Blinds – 25k/50k/5k

Rudolf (btn) was all in for his last 340k, Maria (sb) makes the call.

Rudolf Kd3d

Maria AsQc

The Kc9dJs flop puts Rudolf in the lead, The Turn and River were 6sQs and Maria is now a short stack.

It’s Tucker Time

Blinds – 25k/50k/5k

Des (btn) raised to 110k, Karl (sb) 3bet to 180k. Tucker (bb0 thinks for some time before puy=tting in a raise to 400k. Both players fold.

Tucker takes from Ho

Blinds – 20k/40k/5k

Maria (+2) raised the action to 85k, folded to Tucker (bb) who makes the call. The flop was Kd5c3s and Tucker check called a bet of 90k from Ho. The 2c turn was checked around. Tucker leads 130k on the 2s river and mari lays it down.

Diamonds are Tuckers Best Friend

Blinds – 20k/40k/5k

Folded to Karl (sb) who raises it to 95k, Tucker (bb) calls. The AdJdQd flop is checked. Karl check calls a 100k bet from Tucker on the 9d turn. The river is the 5d and both players check, Tucker turns 7d8c and it’s good enough. While most players might checkntheir low flush on the turn Tucker manages to maximise his value and extracts an extra 100k from his opponent.


Godfrey at it Again

Blinds – 20k/40k/5k

Gareth Kalil (+2) opens to 110k, Des (sb) and Karl (bb) both call. The flop brings 8h8s7d. Checked to Gareth who continues for 165k. Des counts out a bet and makes it 465k to go. Kalil folds.

Godfrey Turns up the Pressure

Blinds – 20k/40k/5k

Gareth Kalil (hj)0limps into the pot, Des Godfrey (bb) raises to 145k and Kalil calls. Des bet 90k on the AdTh8d and Kalil  proceeded raise to 215k. Des quickly moved all-in and that was enough to pick up the pot.

Tucker takes from Kalil

Blinds – 20k/40k/5k

On a board reading Qd2dKd4d we see Tucker bet 90k and Gareth Kalil calls. The Ad was checked and Tucker tables  AcTd and scoops the pot. Gareth shows 9h9d for the second best hand.

Maria eats an Apple

Blinds – 20k/40k/5k

A short stacked Hennie Apple (+2) was all in for his last 330k, Maria Ho (sb) moves all in over the top and Hennie sees the bad news.

Apple Ks7d

Ho AdKc

The board brough no help for Hennie and Maria chips up.

We are on the Bubble.


Tucker 3bets and takes It

Blinds – 20k/40k/5k

Maria Ho (1) raised the action to 90k, Karl Myburgh (sb) calls and Tucker (bb) 3bets to 350k. Maria wasted little time before her cards hit the muck. Karl follows suit.

Cards In the Air

Blinds – 20k/40k/5k

Play has resumed at High Roller as we play down to a champion. This star studded final table promises to be action packed. May the best players win.



Day 2

Hand 3 – Taariq Jaftha – 9th Place

Blind 15k/30k/5k

On the final hand of play Tarriq (utg) moved all in for 510,000, folded to Des Godfrey (btn) who moves all in. TJ tables As7c but is behind against the 9s9d of Godfrey. The board was Qc3sQd Ks[2s to see Godfrey hold and TJ bust the tournament.

TJ JAftha 2

Hand 2 – Gary Zulberg – 10th Place

Blind 15k/30k/5k

A short stacked Gary (btn) was all in for his last 190k, Wayne Du Preez (bb) makes the call and shows Qs7h and is ahead against Gary’s Jc9c. The Qh3d5c flop was enough to seal the deal and send Gary packing.

3 Hands Remaining 

Play will conclude after 3 hands of play.

High Roller Final Table – Play Resumes at 12h30

Seat 1 – Greg Tucker – 2,300,000

Seat 2 -Gareth Kalil – 1,635,000

Seat 3 -Rudolf Fourie – 285,000

Seat 4 -Maria Ho – 1,065,000

Seat 5 -Gary Zulberg – 1,100,000

Seat 6 -Wayne Du Preez – 170,000

Seat 7 -Des Godfrey – 460,000

Seat 8 -Hennie Apple – 225,000

Seat 9 -Taariq Jaftha – 515,000

Seat 10 -Karl Myburgh – 450,000

Places Paid – 6

Blinds – 15k/30k/5k

Play concludes after this level.

Roman Szymonowicz out in 11th

Blind 15k/30k/5k

Folded to Roman (sb), he limps in and Gareth Kalil (bb) bets enough to put Roman all-in, Roman calls.

Roman KsJh

Kalil As7d

The board was Ts5c7c8cTh, Roman can’t catch up and we are now at our Final table.


One for Zulberg

Blinds – 12k/24k/4k

Gary Zulberg (co) limps in and Maria Ho (btn) raises the action to 75k receiving calls from Wayne Du Preez (bb) and Gary. The flop peeled Ts5s3h Gary bet 125k and that was enough to scoop the pot.

Ian Starr Exits in 13th

Blinds – 10k/20k/2k

Action folded to Du Preez (btn) who bet enough to put the blinds all-in. A short stacked Ian makes the call.

Du Preez 9d9s

Starr As8d

The board was 5dJcQd 4c Qc and a heart broken Ian heads out the door.


Du Preez doubles 

Blinds – 10k/20k/2k

Maria Ho (btn) opens the action to 50k, Wayne Du Preez (bb) moves all in for 372k and Maria snap calls and tables Ac Jd and Wayne turns over Kd 7d. The flop is Ks 9d Qc to see Wayne take the lead. The turn and river bring the 4h and 3s to see Du Preez double up.


Starr on Life Support

Blinds – 10k/20k/2k

The money was all in pre. Taariq (co) was all in and at risk holding 8h8d against Ian Starr with KcKs. The 5h9c4s7d6d gives TJ the straight and devastates Ian’s chances of making the money. #achipandachair

Jamie Vilela Falls to Ho

Blinds – 10k/20k/2k

Maria Ho (hj) opens to 50k, Jamie Vilela (sb) jams all-in for 607k and Maria makes the call.


Maria KcKd

Jamie couldn’t find any help and exits the tournament. Maria adds another chunk to her already dominating stack.


Tucker with a Check Raise

Blinds – 8k/16k/2k

Greg Tucker (co) opened to 36k and was called by Rudolph Fourie (btn). The 4h3d8h flop was checked to Fourie who bet 100k, Tucked quickly moved all in and Fourie’s hand hit the Muck.greg-tucker


Zulberg Jams on Ho

Blinds – 6k/12k/2k

Gary Zulberg (hj) limps into the pot, Maria Ho (co) opens to 50k. Zulberg announces all-in and Maria folds. Zulberg shows 2s2c and Maria flashes the Ad.

Tucker 3bets

Blinds – 6k/12k/2k

Gary Zulberg (hj) raised to 32k, folded to Greg Tucker (btn) who put in a 3bet to 78k. Zulburg went into the tank for a short time before giving up his hand.

Maria gets some back

Blinds – 8k/16k/2k

Maria Ho (co0 opened the action to 28k and Jamie (bb) made the call. The flop was 5h9d9s, Jamie check folded to a 25k bet and Maria takes the pot.

Jamie Vilela finds a Miracle

Blinds – 6k/12k/2k

We caught the action on a flop of Qs7c2h, Jamie was all in for 325k and Maria Ho had made the call.

Jamie QcTc

Maria AcAs

The turn was a 9c giving additional outs to Vilela. The river was the 5c to give Vilela the flush and the pot.

Dinner Break

Players are now on a dinner break. Play will resume at 21H30.

Chip Leaders

  1. Maria Ho – 1,390,000
  2. Wayne Du Preez -802,000

Average – 511,000

Bad River for Starr

Ian Starr (mp) raised to 25k, Nahum Lum went all in for his last 25k and Rudolf Fourie (bb) calls. The flop was 6d2h3c and Gary check called a bet of 36k. The 5h turn was checked. The river peeled another 6s and Rudolf bet 20k which Ian called.

Nahum QcJh

Rudolf 6h7d

Ian 8h8d

Ian couldn’t hide his frustration as the pot was shipped to Rudolf. Nahum exits and we are down to 17.

Double for Jamie

Blinds 5k/10k/1k

Jamie Vilela (+2) moved all in for his last 157k, folded to Nahum Lum (sb) who makes the call.

Jamie KcKh

Nahum 9s9h

The KsQh8d flop was enough to seal the deal. Nahum is now severely short stacked with only 17k.



Ho takes from Chetty

Blinds 3k/6k/1k

Folded to Mervyn Chetty (sb), he limps into the pot and Maria Ho (bb) raises an additional 16k, Chetty calls.

Flop 2s6hKs. Chetty check calls a bet of 27k from Ho.

Turn Tc, Chetty bets 38k and Ho calls. The Js river was checked and Chetty shows As9h, Maria turns Th5c for one pair and scoops the pot.

You, Me and Du Preez

Blinds 3k/6k/1k

Roman Szymonowicz (utg) limps into the pot, Nahum Lum raises it to 26k . Wayne Du Preez (btn) calls, Roman calls.

Flop 2d3hQc. Action checks to Du Preez who bets 50k. Both players fold and Wayne flashes AsKc.

Tucker Takes a Stiff Beat

Blinds 3k/6k/1k

A short stacked Fazel Dawood (utg) was all-in for 63k, Greg Tucker (bb) snap called and tabled AsKc and was in a dominating position against the Kd8h of Fazel.

The flop was great for Fazel bringing 7h9hTc diving him 8 additional outs. Tucker fades the Tc on the turn but the Js gives Fazel the straight as Tucker’s stack takes a hit.


Godfrey Doubles

Blinds 3k/6k/1k

Hennie Apple (+1) raised the action to 18k. Jamie Vilela, Des Godfrey and Greg Tucker call.

Flop Kh3c5c, checked to Hennie who continues for 21k. Jamie Vilela moves all in and Des snap calls behind. Tucker and Hennie fold.

Vilela JcKs

Godfrey 3h3d

The Jd peels on the turn for a small sweat but Godfrey fades the river and picks up a big pot.


Bullets for Cape Connexion

Blinds 3k/6k/1k

Folded to CC (bb) who raises to 16k, William Dicy (sb) announces all-in for his last 162k, folded to CC who makes the call. William tables As9s but sees the bad news when CC turns AcAh. The 9cQc7h QhJc board sees CC hold up and end Williams hopes of cashing the High Roller.

Warrick Weigand Busto

Blinds 3k/6k/1k

Weigand (hj) raised to 15k, folded to Hennie Apple (btn) who announced all in, Weigand calls his remaining 124k and tables TcTs and is in great shape against Hennie’s Ac5h.

The Flop brought a sweat with 6h7h8c , Warrick faded the turn which was the Qs, but the River delivered the bad news 4h for Hennie to make a straight. A frustrated Weigand quickly exits the room.


Chip Counts – Top 5

  1. Maria Ho – 1,075,000
  2. Wayne Du Preez – 750,000
  3. Cape Connexion – 715,000
  4. Gareth Kalil – 706,500
  5. Hennie Apple – 629,000

Players Remaining – 27

Table Re-Draw

Blinds 3k/6k/1k

We’re down to 27 players in the High Roller. A Re-Draw is underway as we play down to the money.

Another One for Maria Ho

Blinds 3k/6k/1k

Maria raised in the hi-jack and the Big Blind open shoved 260k, Maria quickly called.

Maria KsKc

Big Blind AdKh

The board brought no help for the big blind and Maria cruises into the chip lead.


Du Preez makes the Right Call

Blinds – 2,5k/5k/500

Wayne Du Preez (utg) raised the action to 13k, Cape Connwxion (hj) calls. The small blind raises to 26k, both players call.

Flop KcTcQh. Checked to Wayne who bets 15k, Cape Connexion folds and the small blind moves all in for an additional 62,5k. After some time in the tank Wayne makes the call.

Wayne Du Preez AcKd

Small Blind AsQc

The board ran out 9d3h and Wayne adds to his stack.


Godfrey Continues

Blinds – 2,5k/5k/500

Des Godfrey (utg) raises 12k, folded to Jamie Vilela (sd) and  Greg Tucker (bb) who both make the call. Both blinds checked the 4d9d4s and Des put in a continuation bet of 19k. The blinds fold and Godfrey scoops the pot

Jarred Solomon Hits the Rail

Blinds – 2,5k/5k/500

Action folded to Maria Ho on the button, she raised 12k and Jarred moved all in for 17 big blinds from the big blind, Maria made the call.

Jarred Solomon 6s6h

Maria Ho AcKc

The Ah High flop was enough to send Jarred to the rail and sees Maria add to her stack.


Tens for TJ

Blinds – 2k/4k/500

Folded to Taariq Jaftha who (btn) opens the action to 10k, both blinds fold and TJ tables TsTc

TJ Jaftha - CT

Giovanni Zanette Out

Blinds – 2k/4k/500

Action limped to Gio (bb) who moved all in for his last 40k, Mandy Miller (+2) makes the call.

Gio 7h2h

Mandy KhTh

The flop was 9hJh3h and Gio exits the High Roller.


Myburgh gets Value

Blind – 2k/4k/500

Fazel Dawood (utg) raised to 8k, folded to Karl Myburgh (sb) raised to 18k and Dawood calls.

Flop QdJcAh. Check, check.

Turn 7c. Myburgh bets 16k, Dawood calls.

River 4s. Dawood calls a 25k bet from Myburgh and sees the bad news when he tables AdKh, Dawood shows the As and ships the pot the Myburgh.


Des Godfrey takes from Miller

Blind – 2k/4k/500

Des (+1) raised to 10k and was called by Many Miller (+2). The two see a flop of Kd4c3s. Des continues for 12k and Mandy gives it up.

Chop It Up

Blinds – 1,5k/3k/500

Gareth Kalil (+1) raised the action to 9k, Wayne Du Preez (sb) calls and Mikel Barzalona (bb) raises to 26k. Kalil folds, Du Preez raises all in sending Barzalona into he tank for 5minutes before making a painful call.

Du Preez QdQh

Barzalona QcQs

No flush sweat on the board, everybody loves a chopped pot.

Chip Counts – Top 3

  1. Cape Connexion – 1,075,000
  2. Maria Ho – 498,000
  3. Gareth Kalil – 477,000

Blinds – 1,5k/3k/500

Prize Pool – R2,322,900

1st – R1,000,000

2nd – R500,000

3rd – R300,000

4th – R220,000

5th – R167,000

6th – R135,900

Remaining Players – 42

Giovanni Zanette takes a Hit

Blinds 1,5k/3k/500

We catch the action on a board of Jd QhAh9c5h Gio was facing a 50k bet from Mikel Barzalona. after some deliberation Gio makes the call and tables AsAd for top set, Barzalona turns over 6h4h to show Gio the bad news and scoops a monster pot.

Top set for Starr

Blinds 1,5k/3k/500

Ian Starr (hj) opens the pot to 7k and gets a call from Harold Brooks (bb).

Flop: 3c5sAs. Check, check.

Turn: 9d. Harold checks to Ian who bets 10k, Harold folds and shows KdTd and Ian tables AdAh.

Maria Ho 3-bets

Blinds – 1,2k/2,4k/400

Divan LeRoux (+1) raised to 5k, 2 callers. Maria Ho (bb) puts in a 3 bet to 26k and picks up the pot.

One for Govender

Blinds – 1,2k/2,4k/400

Divan LeRoux (mp) opened to action to 5k and was called by Shaun Govender (hj)

Flop KdTsQs. Check, check.

Turn Js, Divan check folds to a bet of 7k and Govender scoops the pot.

Double for Mehdi Majumdar

Blinds – 1,2k/2,4k/400

Mehdi (utg) opened the action to 5k receiving calls from 3 players.

Flop 5s6s8d , Mehdi checks, Marc Joseph puts in a bet of 11k, Shaun Govender calls and Mehdi jams all in for 65,300. Marc tank on his hand for a few minutes before folding. Govender calls.

Medhi KcKd

Govender 7d7s

The board ran out Kd 3d to see Medhi win a big pot.

Re-Entries Closed

We’re officially in Freeze out. Marc Jospeh is the last player to re-enter. Now the real game begins.

Ian Starr takes from Roman

Blinds – 1k/2k/300

Ian Starr (+1) opens the action to 7k, Marvin Chetty (mp) moves all in for his last 41k, Roman Szymonowicz makes the call, action is back in Ian who raises an additional 71k, Roman moves all in and Ian calls.

Ian AsKd

Marvin AdKh

Roman AcJc

The board blanked to see Marvin and Ian split the pot. Ian picks up a monster side pot and is well on this was to a 300k stack.


Marc Joseph gets Cracked

Blinds – 1k/2k/300

We caught the action on a flop of 6s8hQh, Marc was all in for his last 168k and was called in 2 spots by MJ Pieters and Cape Connexion. The 3h was checked to the river.

River Jc, MJ checked to Cape Connextion who proceeded to bet 135k, MJ snap called and tabled 6d6h for a flopped set but it wasn’t good enough against the 9hTh of Cape Connexion turning a flush. Marc Jopseph tables AcAd. Re-Entries are still open for the following 5 minutes. Marc has already entered this event twice.

Third time’s the charm?

MArk Joseph - Sandton


Blinds – 1k/2k/300

Sissou Wins it on The River

Blinds – 1k/2k/300

4 players limped into the pot before Jarred Solomon (bb) raised the action to 10k, Fazel Dawood (btn) and Nic Sissou (sb) both call.  The 5d2s7c flop was checked along with the Js turn. The Qh river is enough to see Sissou bet 15k and pick up the pot.

C-Bet for Solomon

Blinds – 1k/2k/300

Nic Sissou (utg) limps into the pot, Jarred Solomon (+1) raises it to 5,5kn Matthews (btn) calls.

Flop QsJs7s , checked to Jarred who bets 7k. Both players fold.

Myburgh Wins One

Blinds – 1k/2k/300

Karl Myburgh (co) raises 5k, folded to Kevin Masters (btn) who makes the call.

The 7cJh2c flop saw Masters check call a bet from Karl. The turn peeled 4c, Masters leads 11k and Karl makes the call. The 5c river card was checked round and Karl tabled TcTs to scoop the pot, Masters mucked.


One for Apple

Blinds – 1k/2k/300

Karl Myburgh (btn) opens the action to 4k, Hennie Apple (bb) calls.

Flop Th5s7s. Check, check.

Turn 8h. Check, 5k from Apple, Myburgh calls.

River 7c. Check, check.

Karl QcJc

Apple 4c5h

Redraw Popposoft 3.1 Automatico - Copia 09-26-56


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