Event 6 – 6 Max



6 Max Champion – Uriel Levy – R125,000

Uriel Levy came into the day as chip leader and maintained his stack throughout the tournament and has been crowned our 6 Max Champion.


2nd Place – Marc Joseph – R73,000

Blinds – 20k/40k

Levy (btn) open shoved putting Marc all-in. Marc made the call and was ahead but at risk.

Marc Ah8s

Levy As2c

The Flop: Qh3h7d

The Turn: 6h

The River: 2s, ending Marc’s chances of lifting the trophy.

MArk Joseph - Sandton

3rd Place – Dean – R45,000

Blinds 8k/16k/2k

Marc Joseph (sb) be enough to put Dean (bb) all in. Dean made the call and it was off to the races.

Marc QcJc

Dean 4c4d

The Qd7h9c flop was enough to seal the Dean’s fate.

We are now heads up.

4th Place -Maxine Catano – R34,000

Maxine shoved 5 big blinds from the button and Levy (sb) made the call.

Maxine AdKc

Levy As5s

Flop: 3s9h2h, Levy says “a 4 would be nice”

Turn: Jd

River: 4s, asked and answered.

Down to 3.


Marc Calls Levy’s Bluff

Blinds 6k/12k/2k

Levy (utg) raised the action to 27k, Marc (btn) calls and the blinds fold.

Flop AcQhKc. Check, check.

Turn 6c. Check, check.

River 4c. Levy bets 48k and Marc quckly calls. Levy mucks his hand and Marc scoops the pot.

Levy Doubles Another One

Blinds 6k/12k/2k

Levy (utg) raises to 28k, folded to Dean (bb) who ships all in for 115k, Levy makes the call.

Levy Tc8c

Dean AsKd

The board ran out Ks5d9c  8s  3h and Levy takes another hit.

Double Up for Catano

Blinds 6k/12k/2k

Maxine Catano was all in for her last 62k form the button. Levy (sb) makes the call.

Maxine KcQd

Levy 5s5h

The TcTs3h flop was good for Levy but the Qs on the turn locks it up for Maxine and Levy loses yet another big pot.


Marc Joseph 4bets

Blinds 6k/12k/2k

Marc (utg) opens the action the action to 25k, Levy (bb) makes it 78k and Marc qucickly 4bets to 168k. Levy folds.

MArk Joseph - Sandton

4 Handed Chip Counts

Blinds 5k/10k/1k

Seat 1 – Dean – 210,000

Seat 2 – Maxine Catano – 115,000

Seat 3 – 202,000

Seat 4 – 178,000

5th Place – Keith Bishop -R27,000

Blinds 5k/10k/1k

We catch the action on a 5dTd7c flop. Bishop (sb) announces all in for 23k. Maxine Catano (co) and Marc Joseph (sb) both call.

Turn 5s , check, check.

River 4h, check, check.

Joseph tables QcTc to scoop the pot. Bishop tables 6s7d and hits the rail.

6th Place – Nawal Jaftha – R23,500

A short stacked Nawal was all in for her tournament life holding As7c and was called by Maxine Catano in the big blind holding TdTh. The board brought no help for Nawal and she exits in 6th.


7th Place – Warrick Weigand -R10,000

Blinds –  4k/8k/1k

Big Stack Levy bet 100k from the button putting both the blinds all-in. Weigand (sb) made the call with his last 20k and saw the bad news.

Weigand As7c

Levy Ah9d

Warrick didn’t find ant help and exits in 7th.

A deal was made to secure the bubble R10,000


We’re on the Bubble

Bubble play is now under way. Since we’re at our final table hand for hand play does not apply.

Nad Keshavjee Exits in 8th

Blinds – 3k/6k/1k

Nad (utg) opened the action to 15k, late entrant Dean proceeded to 3bet to 41k, acction folded to Nad who 4bet all in for 103k, Dean calls.

Nad 4s4h

Dean AsKd

The 7sKc8h flop was all it took. Nad exits in 8th as we proceed to our  final table of 7.

Rex Hsu out in 9th

Blinds – 2,5k/5k

A short stacked Rex (btn) was all in for his last 37,5k. Levy (sb) quickly made the call to put Rex at risk.

Levy AcQc

Rex Qs9s

The 8s6s2c gave Rex some hope. However the 2d5h run out sees Rex exit in 9th.

Nad Keshavjee  Doubles

Blinds 2,5k/5k

Nad was all-in from the button for his last 70k and was called by Levy (bb).

Levy AhQh

Nad 6c6d

The flop was AcQsJd, Nad stood up from his chair and started saying his goodbyes until the 6s turn put him in the lead, the 3d river was a brik and Nad finds the double.

Jarred Solomon Busts

Blinds 2.5k/5k

Jarred (btn) shipped his last 28k and was called by Levy in the small blind.

Jarred KsTs

Levy Ac9c

Jarred didn’t find any help and hits the rail in 10th place.

Prize Pool – R337,000

1st – R130,000
2nd – R76,000
3rd – R47,000
4th – R34,000
5th – R27,000
6th – R23,500

Players Remaining – 10

Redraw Popposoft 3.1 Automatico - Copia 09-26-56


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