Event 5 – Maxi Stack



Maxi Stack Champion – Damien Cornelli

After al the deals had been made play stopped and Cornelli was awarded the title.


A deal has been made

Kenny Rodgers – R200,000

Damien Cornelli R160,000 and the Title

Suarez – R118,300

4th Place Nauhm Lum – R64,500

Lum shoved the small blind and found a call from Damien Cornelli in the big blind.

Lum 6s6h

Conrelli Qh8s

Board: Kd8c5d  9h  8d

We are 3 handed and a deal is on the cards.

5th Place – Simon Solomon – R49,000

Kenny Rodgers (co) opened the action to 650k, Solomon who was covered made the call for his tournament life and the following hands we’re shown down.

Kenny QcTs

Solomon 8c5h

Board: 2c8hJh3d9d, the river sees Kenny made a straight and sends Solomon to the cash out desk.

6th Place – Cape Connexion – R38,000

Blinds – 100k/200k/25k

Suarez limped in from the small blind and Cape Connexion shipped the big blind for his last 900k.

Surez: Ad9h

Cape Connexion Qc9d

the 4s3d8dJs9c board wasn’t enough to see Cape Connexion survive.

5 remain.

Final 5 Chip Counts – Maxi Stack

Kenny Rodgers 4,575,000

Damien Cornelli 1,925,000

Suarez 1,700,000

Nahum Lum 1,675,000

Cape Connexion 1,500,000

Simon Solomon 1,154,000

Blinds 75k/150k/20k

7th Place – Stuart Brodie – R30,300

Blinds – 60k/120k/15k

Cape Town based pro Stuart Brodie (btn) was all-in for his last 830,000. Kenny Rodgers (sb) squeezed his first card… “first one is good, I CALL”

Brodie Js9s

Rodgers KsKh

The 8h5h2d3cJd board didn’t see Brodie improve.

8th Place – Werner Smit -R25,000

Blinds – 60k/120k/15k

Num Lahum (hj) raised the action to 250k and a short stacked Werner Smit mover in for his last 600k and Num made the call.

Num AsTd

Smit Kc9d

The board ran out Ts7c4h 3h8s to see Smit out in 8th place.

9th Place – Johan Van Der Walt – R20,200

Blinds – 60k/120k/15k

A short stacked Johan was all in from the small blind and called by Cape Connxion

Johan 9s2s

Cape Connection Ah9d

The flop od Ad9h7d was enough to send Johan to the rail.

Cornelli jams on Solomon

Blinds – 60k/120k/15k

Simon Solomon (btn) opened to 250k, folded to Damien Cornelli in the big blind, he tanks for sometime before movin g his 1,400,000 chip stack into the middle, Solomon thinks for a minute before folding.

10th Place – Nolan Rebelo – R16,700

A short stacked Nolan was all in from the button and received a call from Stuart Brodie in the big blind.

Rebelo ThTd

Brodie QsQh

The Tc6c5c flop was enough to see Nolan take the lead. The Qc on the turn was enough to end Rebelos hopes.

Remaining Players – 9

Blinds  – 50k/100k/15k

Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Kenny Rodgers 2,800,000
  2. Simon Solomon 2,600,000
  3. Suarez  1,800,000
  4. Damien Cornelli 1,400,000
  5. Werner Smit 1,000,000
  6. Cape Connexion 925,000
  7. Nahum Lum 700,000
  8. Stuart Brodie 850,000
  9. Johan Van Der Walt 575,000
  10. Nolan Rebelo 335,000

14the Place – David Cornelli – R14,000

David Cornelli - Balito Dbn

15th Place – Dylan Ben-Israel – R14,000

Bubble Ahmed Karim


Dinner Break

Players are now a a 60 Minute dinner break.

Final 18 Chip Counts

  1. Kenny Rodgers 1,220,000
  2. Simon Solomon 1,154,000
  3. Suarez  1,080,000
  4. Nahum Lum 1,008,500
  5. Cape Connexion 1,005,000
  6. Werner Smit 1,005,000
  7. Helmut 941,000
  8. Paul Mason 814,000
  9. Davi Cornelli 652,000
  10. Johan Kemp 637,000
  11. Nolan Rebelo 637,000
  12. Ahmed Karim 617,000
  13. Stuart Brodie 549,000
  14. Damian Cornelli 515,000
  15. Leonard Freeman 492,000
  16. Dylan Ben-Israel 407,000
  17. Nur 288,000
  18. Neville 179,000

Blinds – 30k/60k/10k

Places Paid – 15

Ian Starr Hits The Rail

Blinds – 20k/40k/5k

The money was all in pre. Ian Starr was at risk with AhJh against the AdKd of Ahmed Karim.

The 9c7s5d7d6s sees Ian Starr out the door.


Solomon and Piha double bust-out

Blinds – 15k/30k/5k

Suarez (mp) opened the action to 71k, Jarred Solomon (hj) calls and action is folded to Lauren Piha on the button. After some deliberation she put in her last 118k. Folded to Suarez who jams all-in for an astonishing 660k, Jarred says “I was hoping someone would do that” then makes the call for his remaining 645k.

Suarez: 7h7d

Solomon: KdKc

Piha: AsJc

The window card was a devastating 7d followed by a run out of Th8cAcJs. This pot constituted roughly 10% of the chips in play.


Players Remaining – 23

Places Paid – 15

Ace high no good for Cape Connexion

Blinds – 12k/24k/4k

We caught the action on a board of 5c6c7c  Jd, the small blind had just moved all-in for his remaining 51k. Cape Connection makes the call and it’s not good news.

Small Blind Ad9d

Cape Connexion As3s

The river brought no help and Cape Connexion loses a big pot.

Chip Counts – Top 6

  1. Kenny Rodgers – 1,1 million
  2. Num Lahum – 905,000
  3. Stuart Brodie – 675,000
  4. Suarez  – 655,000
  5. Jarred Solomon – 445,000
  6. Ian Starr – 420,000

Blinds – 10k/20k/2k

Prize Pool – R797,400

Players Paid: 15

1st Place – R253,000

15th Place – R15,000

Total Entries – 133

Players Remaining – 42

Blinds – 8k/16k/2k

Average Stack – 316,429

Lauren Piha takes a Hit

Blinds 6k/12k/2k

In a limped pot the flop peeled 5c3s6d, small blind put in a bet of 12k and Piha made the call.

Turn: Ts, small blind bets 35k and Lauren elects to call. The small blind fired an additional 55k on the 2c river and Lauren found the call.

Lauren: 6c7c

Small Blind: 6s9c

The Free Roll champion takes a big hit to her stack early on day 2.

Jarred Solomon picks off a Bluff

Blinds – 5k/10k/1k

Jarred Solomon (btn) raised 20k and received a call from the big blind.

The KdKh5s flop was checked round. The Qh turn saw  Jarred call a 10k bet from the big blind. The river was the 9d and the big blind proceeded to bet 35k. Solomon thought about it for a few seconds before making the call.

Big Bling Jc8h

Solomon As6c

Ace high is good enough to scoop the pot.


Cards in the Air

We’re expecting the first few levels to be a cascade of short stacks doubling up or  hitting the rail. Detailed coverage will continue as the field gets smaller and we play down to a final table.


Redraw Popposoft 3.1 Automatico - Copia 09-26-56 Redraw Popposoft 3.1 Automatico - Copia 09-26-56


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