Event 4 – Big Roller Semi-Turbo



Event 4 Champion – Navern Naiker – R210,000

A big congratulations to Navern Naiker on outlasting a very difficult field and taking home the event 4 trophy.


2nd – Rob Fenner – R200,000

Rob Fenner went all-in from the Button and was at risk when Navern aiker made the call.

Fenner: 3s2s

Naiker: Ac6s

Board: 7c4hQc  Th  6h te see Fenner bust in 2nd Place.

3rd – Ahmed Karim – R200,000

A short stacked Ahmed went all in from the Button for 285k holding QsTh. Rob Fenner made te call from the Big Blind and tabled Kd[“s] to put Karim at risk.

The board was JdAs3c  3s  3d and Ahmed is sent packing.

Ahmed was in this event for a whopping R60,000, he reluctantly decided t0 re-enter this morning and it seems to have been a good decision. Well done Ahmed.

It’s Deal Time

With an Average stack of 5 Big Blinds the remaining 3 players have decided to chop the money and play for the title.

New Payouts:

Navern Naiker – R210,000

Rob Fenner – R200,000

Ahmed Karim – R200,000

4th – Shaun Govender – R60,000

Blinds – 40k/80k

A short stakced Govender shipped his last 120k and was called by Ahmed Karim in the Big Blind.

Govender Ts8s


The board was a devistating 5c9cKd 3s  Ac to see Govender out in 4th.

5th – Roman Szymonowicz – R30,000

Blinds – 30k/60k

Roman(utg) limps into the pot. Navern Naiker checks his option and we see a flop of JsJhKd. Navern bets and Roman moves all-in. Navern calls.

Navern: Jc7d

Roman: KcQs

Roman couldn’t find a King and hits the rail in 5th.

6th – Teft Bridgeman – R20,000

Blinds – 15k/30k

Folded to Teft (sb) who moves all i for 180k, Rob Fenner (bb) snap calls.

Rob Ah3d

Teft Ks9d

The As in the window was enough to send Teft to the rail.

Bubble Deal

R50,000 has bee taken off 1st place to ensure the remaining players all get a payout.

New Prize Pool – R720,000

1st – R300,000

2nd – R200,000

3rd – R110,000

4th – R60,000

5th – R30,000

6th – 20,000

Blinds – 12k/24k

Average Stack – 200k

Family Matters – Lissa Szymonowic hits the Rail

Blinds – 15k/30k

Roman Szymonowicz (utg) limped into the pot. Lissa Szymonowicz (+1) moves all in and Roman reluctantly calls to put his daughter at risk.

Roman AhTh

Lissa AdKc

The 4s9h7h flop gave Roman a draw to the nuts. The turn was the Tc to give Roman the lead and the 4d river was enough to see Lissa bust the tournament in 7th place.

Ahmed gets one Through

Blinds – 15k/30k

Ahmed shipped his 313k stack from under the gun. Folded to Rob Fenner in the big blind. Rob open folds 7h7d and Ahmed shows him AhQs.

Roman jams on Ahmed

Blinds – 15k/30k

Folded to Ahmed on the button, he raises 50k. Roman (bb) calls.

Flop: 2h2s8d , Roman check called a bet of 44k from Ahmed.

Turn: As, check, check.

River: Js, Roman moves all in, Ahmed folds.

Chris Convery hits the Rail

Blinds – 12k/24k

A short stacked Convery (utg) was all in for his last 115k when Ahmed Karim (mp) re-jammed for 246k.

Convery Jc4c

Ahmed AsQc

The AcAh6h flop was enough to send Convery packing.

Prize Pool – R720,000

1st – R350,000

2nd – R200,000

3rd – R110,000

4th – R60,000

Blinds – 12k/24k

Average Stack – 200k

Final Table Chip Counts

Blinds – 10k/20k

  1. Maven Naiker -148,000
  2. Roman Szymonowic – 218,000
  3. Shaun Naidoo – 159,000
  4. Lissa Szymonowic – 168,000
  5. Edgar Anitzana – 60,000
  6. Feng Li – 135,000
  7. Chris Convery – 104,000
  8. Teft Bridgeman – 120,000
  9. Rob Fenner – 253,000
  10. Ahmed Karim – 176,000

Bridgeman gets there

Blinds – 3000/6000

Giovanni Zanette (+1) raises 12k and gets call by Teft Bridgeman.

Flop [9h3h9c , Gio continues for 12k and Teft makes the call.

Turn 7d Gio checks, Teft bets 12k, Gio calls.

River Qc, checked to Bridgeman who bet 24k after Gio said “don’t bluff this one”, after some time in the tank Gio called and was shown AhQs and ships the pot to Bridgeman.

Play continues, with blinds raising every 12 minutes, today is going to be action packed.

2 in a Row for Zanette

Blinds – 3000/6000

Hand 1: Gio (co) opens 12k. Folds all round, Gio picks up 9k in blinds.

Hand 2: Gio (btn) raises it to 12k one more time and picks up the blinds. He shows AdKd.

Karim Doubles

Blinds – 1500/3000

A short stacked Karim (btn) was all-in for his last 8000 chips. Teft Bridgeman called from the blinds.

Karim QcTs

Bridgeman Jc4h

The Kc3s9h9s7d board saw Karim more than double his stack.

Fenner takes from Karim

Blinds – 1500/3000

Ahmed Karim (+1) raised the action to 6500, Rob Fenner (hj) put in a 3-bet to 16000. Karim folds.

In good spirit Fenner shows KsKd and Ahmed tables KhJh

3 way All-In

Blinds – 1500/3000

We caught the action once all the money was in the middle.

Rob Fenner 7s7h]

Mariette Language AhKh

Lisa Szymonowic JcJd

The board was 9sQc6c  QsJc

Mariette hits the rail and Lisa picks up a monster pot.

Day 2 – Chip Counts – Action Resumes at 15h00

Redraw Popposoft 3.1 Automatico - Copia 09-26-56

Top Stacks at the Break

  1. Teft Bridgeman – 119,000
  2. Divan LeRoux – 105,000
  3. Jarred Solomon – 95,000

Average Stack – 41,818

Zanette Doubles

Blinds – 100/200

We find the action on a 3sKdTc  Td board. Gio checked the action to Warrick Weigand who bet enough to put Gio all-in, The pot was 20,000 before Weigands bet. Gio went into the tank for around 5 minutes befor eventually making the call.

Zanette Kh4h

Weigand AhJh

The river 9c brought no help and Gio gets a double.

Players are now on a short break.

Weigand Check-Raises the Turn

Blinds – 100/200

Warrick Weigand (+1) raised to475, Divan (+2) raises 1100 Ali G (HJ) calls. Warrick 4-bets to 3825 ans Dic=van is his only customer.

Flop 5s3c8d, Warrick checks, Divan bets 2700, Warrick calls.

Turn2s, Warrick checks, Divan bets 7600. Warrick raises to 15,525 and Leroux gives up the pot.


LeRoux takes from Zanette

Blinds – 100/200

Giovanni Zanette (MP) raised the action to 600, Divan Leroux(HJ) calls.

Flop Jc6dAc, Gio checks, Divan bets 800 and Gio gives it up.

Set over set for Jaftha

Blinds – 75/150

We pick up the hand on a board of Ts7s5c. The Small Blind had shipped all-in for a considerable amount more than pot and Jaftha snap called.

Jaftha: 5d5s

Small Blind:ThTd

Nawal Jaftha hits the rail. Re-entries are still open so it’s possible this isn’t the last we’re seeing of Jaftha.


Teft Loses One

Blinds – 150/300

We caught the action on a board of 6s9d5dKs Teft Bridgeman(mp) led the turn for 7800 into a pot of 11000, Robert S (utg0 calls.

River: Ac. Check, check. Rob shows 4d4c and Bridgeman mucks.

Karim takes from Govender

We caught the action on a flop of Qc4c3c, Ahmed Kraim(sb) check called a 1k bet from Shaun Govender(bb).

Turn: 5d , check, check.

River: Qd, Ahmed bets 3800 Shaun calls and Ahmed tables Qh2c to scoop the pot.


Players Get Seated

Event 4 is about to kick off. The Big Roller Semi-Turbo R20,000 Re-Entry Tournament. We’re likely to see a very strong field and a very big Prize Pool. Keep your eyes on the blog for Live Updates throughout the day.

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