Event 1 – R4500 Re-buy



Divan LeRoux has been crowned as our Event 1 Champion

After eliminating most of the final table a deal was made 3 handed. Divan took the lions share of the Money along with the championship trophy.

3rd Place – Karl Maybrugh – R140,670

2nd Place – Simon Solomon – R168,640

1st – Divan LeRoux – R200,690 + The Title

Divan is a local pro and tournament beast. This isn’t his first trophy and we’re sure it won’t be his last.

A very Big Congratulations on a well deserved victory.


4th Place – Suarez Frieslaar – R66,000

Simon Solomon raised 200k and Suarez pushed all in for 460k. Simon calls.

Simon – Ac8d

Suarez – KsQh

Board: 2c6h4dAhQs

3 players remaining.

Chip Counts – Final 4

  1. Divan LeRoux – 3,4million
  2. Simon Solomon – 1,65million
  3. Karl Maybrugh – 1,1million
  4. Suarez Frieslaar – 300k

Blinds – 50k/100k/10k

5th Place – Eugene Kleynhans  –  R50,000

Eugene moved all in for his last 290k and was sna called by Divan in the BB.

Eugene TsTd

Divan KcKd

The flop brough about a sweat with 9sQs6s Divan had to fade a flush draw, the 9dKh see him fade the spades and add more to his dominating stack.

6th Place – Shaun Govender – R40,000

We missed the action but a very short staked Shaun went all in an couldn’t find a double up. He revives R40,000 for his efforts. We’re down to 5 handed play.

7th Place – Martin Maroun – R31,500

Martin moved all in holding KsQc and wa called by Simon Solomon in the Sb holding JcJh. The board brough no help for Martin as we get down to 6 handed play.

8th Place – Greg Tucker – R25,000

Divan LeRoux has knocked out his 3rd player at this final table. He opened to action to 160k and Tucj=ker moved all in for 135k from the button. The blinds folded.

Tucker Qs9c

LeRoux 6h7s

Board 6s7h4h7cAd

Tucker hits the rail and Divan soars into the chip lead.

Tucker Crippled

Level 6 – 40k/80k/10k

A short stakced Martain Maroun shipped his last 240k and recived a call from Greg Tucker

Tucker 6d6c

Maroun As6s

Board KsTh9s Ah Td. Maroun finds the double and Tucker is on life support.

Solomon shoves over Maybrugh

Level 6 – 40k/80k/10k

Folded to Karl in the Small Blind, he raised to 180k. Simon Solomon (BB) quckly shoved for an additional 600k. Karl folds.

9th Place – Shaolin Govender – R18,000

Govender jammed the button with Ad8c and was called by Divan who held QcQh. Govender found no help and was sent to the rail.

10th Place – Marius LeRoux – R17,650

Marius was All-in from the Button and recived a call from Divan in the BB.

Marius: QcTd

Divan: AdTh

The Ac Hi flop was enough to send Marius packing.

Final Table Chips Counts

Seat 1 – Shaolin Govender – 275,000

Seat 2 – Jeanpierre Oaks -575,000

Seat 3 – Suarez Frieslaar – 650,000

Seat 4 – Divan LeRoux – 950,000

Seat 5 -Karl Mybrugh – 880,000

Seat 6 -Simon Solomon – 760,000

Seat 7 – Greg Tucker – 420,000

Seat 8 – Eugene Kleynhans – 455,000

Seat 9 – Martin Maroun – 280,000

Seat 10 – Shaun Govender – 360,000


11th – Justin Naylor – R17,650

Level 25 – Blinds 60k/120k/10k

We caught the action after the money was all in. Justin was all in and at risk against Mark Smith.

Justin – 3h3s

Marc – AdTh

Run Out – Js2d6h Ts Kh

Play has been paused while players get seated at our Event #1 final table.

We’re playing down to a winner, so keen your eyes on the blog for updates.

12th Place -Steven Wylie – R10,000

Level 25 – Blinds 50k/100k/10k

Steven(utg) sitting 700k deep opened the action to 100k. Divan LeRoux(SB) raised the action to 275,000. Steven went into the tank for a few minutes before moving his stack over the line. Divan calls.

Divan QcQd

Steven AcTd

The flop peeled KdAs3c putting Steven in the lead. The Qd on the turn saw Divan take the lead and the Ks River saw Steven leading the tournament in 12th place.

In the Money!!

Blinds 20k/40k/5k

The button was all-in for 36k and revived a call from Karl Myburgh in the SB.

Button: Ac9d


Board: Qh3d6h Th Kd

Karl finds 2 pair and busrts the money bubble. 12 Players remain with R260,000 up-top.


We’re on the Bubble

Karl Mybrugh eliminated a short stack and we are down to 13.

Notable Stacks

Harold Brooks – 220,000

Greg Tucker – 345,000

Karl Mybrugh – 476,000

Shaun Governor – 127,000

Divan LeRoux – 420,000

Brooks sends Catano out the door.

We caught the action on a flop of Kh8h4d, Harold Brooks(sb) had checked to Maxine Catano(bb) who moved all-in. Harold snapped and tabled KdQd and was ahead against Maxine Catano’s QhQs. The turn and river brought no help and Maxine exits in 17th.


Players are now on a Break

Play will resume in 15 Minutes.

Solomon Doubles, Anna Busts and Brooks takes a Big Hit

Level 20 – Blinds 10k/20k/2k

Simon Solomon(btn) raised all-in for 206k, Anna called her last 15k and then the action was on Brooks who took little time before announcing call.

Simon Solomon: TdTh

Anna Khait: JcTc

Harold Brooks: 2s2h

Board: kh8h4d  Qd  3d

Just 20 players remain as we break down to our final 2 tables.


Anna Khait Crippled

Level 20 – Blinds 10k/20k/2k

We caught the action after the money had gone all-in. Sunil Davashander was at risk holding Ah6d against the QsTd of Anna.

The JsJc7h  Kd 7s board brought no help and Anna is left with 19k.

Recent Bustouts

  • Darren Lipman
  • Kerry Clarke
  • Eugene Du Plessis
  • Vijay Nalajala
  • Elvin Brooks
  • Roman Szymonowicz

Players Remaining: 23

Lipman goes Busto

Level 19 – Blinds 6k/12k/2k

A short stacked Lipman moved all in for 34k and got a call from Steven Wylie (bb).

Lipman AsQc]

Wylie 7s8h

The 3h8h2c 6s Jd run out sees Lipman hitting the rail as we get one closer to the money.


Divan Doubles

Level 19 – Blinds 6k/12k/2k

Divan LeRoux moved all in for 132k from the Button and was quickly called by the Big Bind

Divan: Ah7d

Big Blind: QcQh

The Flop peeled AsKd2s to see Divan catch the double up.

Tucker sends Vijay Packing

Level 19 – Blinds 6k/12k/2k

Tucker(+1) opened to 26k, folded to Vijay Nalajala (btn) who shoved all-in for an additional 83k. After some deliberation Tucker made the call.

Tucker: 6d6s

Vijay: KhJs

The Flop peeled Tc[2sc]Th. Tucker says “Give us a 6”. Asked and answered 6c on the turn and Qc river to see Vijay hit the rail. Just 30 players remain as we get closer to the money.


Devashander takes a Beat

Level 18 – Blinds 5k/10k/1k

All in Pre Flop.

Sunil Devashander 4s4d

Mohammed Abu-­‐Hadbah 2d2h

The Flop and Turn brought an inconsequential 7h6cKd 3c. The River however delivered a 2s to deal a big blow to Devashanders stack. While raking in the pot Abu-Hadbah tells the table “I could see it coming, I’m supposed to go deep in this tournament”

Two in a Row for Ambrosie

Level 18 – Blinds 5k/10k/1k

Hand 1: John Ambrosie (+2) opens to 35k and takes the blinds.

Hand 2: Ambrosie raises 35k, action folds to Harold Brooks (BB). John “Let me have this one”, he must have been convincing because Harold open folded 7d7h with a stack in excess of 400k. John shows AdQh to take down some valuable blinds and antes.


1st –  R260,000
2nd -R150,000
3rd – R100, 000
4th – R66,000
5th – R50,000
6th – R40,000
7th – R31,500
8th – R25,000
9th – R20,000
10th -R18,000
11th -R17,650
12th -R10,000

Players Remaining: 37

Chip Counts

  1. Devadasan Govender – 483,000
  2. Harold Brooks – 357,000
  3. Maxine Catano – 329,000
  4. Eugene Kleynhans – 263,000
  5. Jonathan Weltman – 240,000

Lunch Break

Players are on a 01h30 break until the end of the Rugby match.

Players Remaining: 40



Recent Bust Outs

  • JACO

Players Remaining: 43

Ahmed Karim busts a player

Level 16 – 3k/6k/1k

We caught the action when the money was all in the middle.Local Pro Ahmed Karim Held AsTs vs the Ah4h of Feng Li.

The Board ran out Tc2h5d  2d  9h

Ahmed increases his already dominating stack.


Chip Counts

  1. Adam Rayhaan – 337,000
  2. Rodger Dube – 322,000
  3. Greg Tucker – 242,000
  4. Karl Myburgh – 239,000
  5. Muaaz Gani – 237,000
  6. Jamie Valieila – 212,000
  7. Martin Maroun – 210,000
  8. Eugene Du Plessis – 201,000
  9. Eugene Kleynhans – 160,500
  10. Shaolin Govender – 131,000

 Players Remining: 54

Khait Ships on Lipman

Level 14 – 2000/4000/500

Action folded around to Darren Lipman (co) who opened the action to 14,000, folded to Anna Khain (BB) who after a quick glance at her cards moved her 50k stack over the line. Darren gave us a smile before his cards hit the muck.



Recent Bust Outs


Players Remaining: 67

Justin Naylor catches a Double

Level 14 – 1500/3000/500

Action folded to Justin (BTN), he moves all-in for 32,700 and gets a call from Yawei Wu (BB)

Justin: Kd8d

Yawei: 9h9c

Board: Ad5cQd  6d  4h

Naylor catches the double up and Wei is crippled.

Mohammed ships it.

Level 14 – 1500/3000/500

David Cobbold (+1) opened to 6k and recived 3 calls including Mohammed ABU-­‐HADBAH (SB) and the Big Blind.

Flop:8h4hTs, Mohammed open ships 62,500. Both players fold.

Tucker takes another one

Level 14 – 1500/3000/500

Folded around to Greg Tucker (HJ) he opens to 6k and gets a call from the Big Blind.

Flop: Th2dJs

BB checks, Tucker continues for 8k and the BB folds. Tucker is having a good day so far building his stack to an impressive 141,000.


Recent Bust Outs


Tucker 3-Bets

Facing 2 limper’s Saneshan CHETTY (HJ) riases it to 5k. Greg Tucker (SB) quickly raises it to 15,600. Folded back to Chetty, after a few minutes in the think tank Chetty reluctantly gives up his hand.

Justin Naylor calls with Ace Hi

Level 12 – Blinds 1k/2k/300

Justin(MP) raises 6,400. Mike NWABUEZE (SB) makes the call.

Flop: 8h8sTc

Mike announces ALL-IN! for 16,700 and Justin Snap calls.

Mike: QhTd Justin: AhQc

Run Out: 5s3c

Mike doubles up and play continues.

Tim gets it back

Level 11 – Blinds 800/1600/200

Folded around to Karl (HJ) who raises too 4k, Tim moves all-in from the BB for 12k, Karl calls.

Tim: AdQd  Karl: AcQh


Turn: Kc

River: 4d


AKINNUSI takes a Bad Beat.

Level 11 – Blinds 800/1600/200

Tim AKINNUSI (+1) raise 5k. Action fold around to Karl Myburgh (HJ) who moved all-in for 20,100, Tim calls.

Tim: ThTd Karl: 9h9c

Flop: 6dJcQh

Turn: 9s

River: 9d

Len Freeman takes from Gio.

Level 11 – Blinds 800/1600/200

Gio (MP) raises to 3,5k , Hum (BB) calls.

Flop: JsTs4s

Hum moves all in for 10,500. Gio checks his hand one more time and gives it up.

Karl shows a Big Hand

Level 11 – Blinds 800/1600/200

Action folded around to Karl Myburgh in the SB. He raised to 3500 and the BB quickly folded. Karl tables KcKd.

Cards in the Air

Level 11 – Blinds 800/1600/200

As play resumes players have one more level to re-buy and enter the tournament. We can expect a large number of bust outs today as we play down to a final table.

Chip Counts

Play resumes at 12:30 CAT

Redraw Popposoft 3.1 Automatico - Copia 09-26-56Redraw Popposoft 3.1 Automatico - Copia 09-26-56

Day 2

4 Hands Remaining.

Level 9 – Blinds 600/1200/200

4 hands left until the end of day 1. Play resumes tomorrow at 12:30.

See you tomorrow 😉minesh-1

Chip Counts:

Level 9 – Blinds 500/1000/100

  1. Maxine Catano – 71,600
  2. Roy Bitton – 69,000
  3. Eugene du Plesis – 69,000
  4. Darren Lipman – 65,000
  5. Karl Myburgh – 55,000

A Short Break

Players are now on a 20 minute break.

Divan LeRoux takes one.

Level 7 – Blinds 300/600/50

Action folded round to Divan in the Cut Off (CO) who raised to 1300. Getting calls from the SB and Anna Khait in the BB.

Flop: Kd4c9d

Checked to Divan. He bets 1700 and that’s good enough to take down the pot.

Everybody Loves a Chopped Pot.

Level 7 – Blinds 300/600/50

We pick up the action on a board of Kc9h2d5c. Ahmed Karim was facing a bet from Greg Tucker of 2800 into a 5000 chip pot. Ahmed quickly raised to 9000 which sent Greg into the tank for a few minutes before committing his 11,700 chip stack, Ahmed quckly called.

Ahmed Karim:KsQs

Greg Tucker:KdQc

The river was an inconsequential 7s to split.

Karim gets a Stack.

Level 6 – Blinds 200/400/50

Pre-Flop: Ahmed Karim (+1) raises to 1000, Lipman calls. Darren Brooks moves all in for 3600. Ahmed raises 7800 and Lipman folds.

Ahmed Karim: AdTh

Darren Brooks: 9d7d

Board: 4dAhKc 3hJh

Brooks calls for a Re-Buy.

21:45 – Table 3 – Table of Death?

Every event has that one table that you don’t want to be at. Today Table 3 looks like it might be it.

Table 3 Plays host to:

  • Anna Khait
  • Ahmed Karim
  • Darren Lipman
  • Darren Brooks
  • Divan LeRoux
  • Greg Tucker

Table 3

Let’s see who comes out on top of this killer line-up.

20:45 – Dinner Break.

Players are now on a 60 minute dinner break. Watch updates from the dinner by following us on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/shuffleuppoker/

Tucker gets a Re-buys

Level 4: 100/200/25

Pre-Flop: Ahmed Karim opened to 500 and got called by Darrern Brookes on the button (btn) and Greg Tucker in the Bigh Blind.

Flop: Jc9d5c. Action checked around to Darren on the button who bet 2,000 , Tucker moves all-in for 11,400, Ahmed fold, Darren Calls.

Darren Brooks: AcJd

Greg Tucker: KhJh

Run out: 2d7s

Brooks picks up a big pot early in the day.

Giovanni Zanette loses one.

Level 2. Blinds: 50/100

We catch the action on a flop of 7hTs2c. Action checked around to Gio who bet 600 into a pot of 950.

Big Blind (BB) calls, Marc Raises 2600, Gio call, BB folds.

Turn: Qc. Marc bets 2000, Gio calls.

River: Th. Marc moves all in for 5000. Gio thinks about if=t for a while and eventually calls. Marc tables 9dTc to rake a big pot early on.

Cards in the Air.

So Far we have seen 68 entries. Rebuy, Rebuy, Rebuy… With this much action this early on. It’s promising to be an action packed series.


18:00 –   Ac Ah We’re About to Kick off Event 1 of the WPT Emperors Palace Poker Classic. Stay tuned to this page for regular Updates from Day 1 As Ad


Event 1 Kicks off at 18:30 on the 7th October 2016. Stay Tuned for Regular Updates.





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