WPT Main Event Counts

At about five am play was finally suspended and 29 exhausted players finally went home, nearly four hours after the scheduled end!

For George Kramvis who ended 31st and Rudolph Fourie (30), there will be no return this morning nor any cash. From a cash perspective, the same applies to two more players who will return at 2pm only to leave soon after with the bubble moniker attached. As the chip counts stand, there are six players who are in imminent danger including Robbie Sham who has become a specialist at bubbling WPT events. Jean Suprayenmestry, Dimitri Stephanis, Chan Hon Sen and Matthiu Costa are the other low stacks.

Leading the pack is Johan Strauss who ended very strongly on wha was eventually a very volatile table. He is followed by Shaun Naidoo, Logan Pillay and David Cornelli and the last surviving lady in the field Nawal Jaftha.

Eugene du Plessis and Greg Ronaldson have below average stacks but players of this caliber are probably not in danger yet…

Play restarts at 2pm.


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