11 from the money

Harold Brooks decimated Stefan Ostlind with AK vs QQ. Harold spiked the Ace on the flop but Ostlind picked up a flush draw which didn’t materialize. Ostlind down to 150k.

Ian Starr has ended his relationship with karma! He flopped a K with KJ and it only resulted in Simon Yom Tov taking all of his chips with AA. The same AA he gave up earlier in the misdeal hand.

Werner Smith and Nilson Pacoal tangled. Nilson made an initial small raise and was reraise by another 25k. He repopped it in turn and Werner made another reraise. Nilson eventually let go saying he had JJ and after some prompting, Werner showed 10 8 suited! Well played.

38 remain. 3,000/6,000-1,000 AV 258,000




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