ShuffleUp Poker is a professional organisation specialising in facilitating poker tournaments in and around Africa. Our main objective is to provide a platform for poker to flourish and become recognised as a sport in Africa that takes a tremendous amount of skill to master. We enthusiastically venture into new, untouched domains of potential poker development, creating unforgettable experiences at every opportunity. Organising poker tournaments is no small feat and we at Shuffle Up Poker take it in our stride.

Over the past few years we have worked on the Million Dollar Poker Tournaments, the World Series of Poker and more currently The World Poker Tour hosted by Emperors Palace Hotel and Casino. Emperors Palace is now known as the home of poker in South Africa. Since the partnership initiated between Shuffle Up, Emperors Palace and the World Poker Tour poker in South Africa has seen new heights locally as well as in terms of the international exposure gained through these events with an increased number of entrants at each. We are known for guaranteeing the highest prize money in any poker competition in Africa. Prize money can reach up to 50 million.

The last decade has seen a massive growth in the sport of poker. Played at home, in casinos, and at tournaments worldwide, people have come to the realisation that not only is poker a game of skill, but it is also a social sport where one can never stop learning. A game of statistics and percentages, with a little bit of luck, it appeals to every kind of player, from the mathematical genius to a gambling fanatic looking for a thrill.

Shuffle Up Poker specialises in bringing the world of poker to you. At all of our hugely successful tournaments, we provide a well-organised, value-for-money event that is enjoyed by not only the winners, but by all the participants, as well as the spectators.

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